White House rejects Death Star plan, Senator Palpatine furious

With all the serious political discussion in recent weeks about topics like gun control and the fiscal cliff, this article about the White House’s rejection of a proposal to build an actual Death Star from the Star Wars movies should provide a much-needed laugh or two.

The online petition for construction of a Death Star was posted last month on We The People, a site for citizens to propose ideas directly to the White House. The Death Star petition received 34,000 signatures, well above the 25,000 required for a proposal to receive an official response.

The petition claims that the United States will benefit greatly from construction of a Death Star, as it will strengthen national security and result in massive job creation.

White House officials responded to the petition with a tongue-in-cheek address, declaring that President Obama’s administration “does not support blowing up planets.”

Beyond the President’s issues with the planet-destroying nature of a Death Star, the White House address also stressed that the cost of the project is a major road block. According to Lehigh University students, building a Death Star would cost somewhere around $850 quadrillion. The White House noted that with the precarious financial situation the US is currently in, building a giant laser-shooting battle station in space probably wouldn’t be the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Perhaps this petition can pave the way for more discussion on the nation’s support of scientific innovation and space exploration. But if it can’t do that, at least it gave some Star Wars fans something to laugh about.


You can read the full White House response here.

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