Time’s Person of the Year is…Who?

This year, Time magazine is allowing for people to vote for who they believe should be honored as Person of the Year through Twitter and their website. Online voting ended December 6th and as the tally stands, Miley Cyrus leads the pack. Yes, that is not a typo, Miley Cyrus has garnered the most votes. Miley celebrated the news with this sophisticated Tweet, “It would be uhhhhmazig to be ‪#timepoy smilerzzzz lets see if we can make it happennnnn.” Yep the world, this modern society we are so fond of, believe a studio-engineered, overly marketed pop singer should be credited for being the Person of the Year. Although our world idolizes a twerking no-talent, luckily Time does make the final decision on the POY. However, Time hasn’t had the best track record in their decision-making. For example, in 1938 they awarded Adolf Hitler as their Person of the Year. A year later Hitler would ignite the beginning of World War II by invading Poland. Ouch. In 1939, Time obviously needed to make up for their bust of a pick in ’38. So, Time decided to make up for their ill fated pick in ’38 and selected another world leader as POY, Joseph Stalin. Stalin would not only end up murdering 20 million of his own people, but he would repeat as Time POY in 1942. With these type of results, we could conclude that you may have a better chance at being awarded Time’s POY if you’re an overrated pop star or a psychopathic dictator.

However, through all their terrible picks, Time has crowned many well-deserved people as POY such as John F. Kennedy ‘61, Martin Luther King, Jr. ’63, and Pope John Paul II ’94. The terrifying reality in all of this is that people are actually voting for Miley Cyrus. This is someone who only became famous for her ridiculous twerking, her tongue-licking selfies, and for doing things with a foam finger that would make Hugh Hefner blush. Why not vote for other people with unwarranted accolades like the Kardashians, The Housewives of “whatever affluent city”, or “Jon and Kate Plus Eight”.

Here are three people this past year that may deserve to earn Time’s Person of the Year:

Edward Snowden: Snowden has been called a hero and a traitor. Whether you agree or disagree with his leaking of information pertaining to the NSA’s massive surveillance program, you can’t deny the fact that he started a global debate on the government’s role and influence on our lives.

Pope Francis: In 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio AKA Pope Francis became the new leader of the 1.5 billion Catholics on the planet. Not only is he the leader of over 20% of the world’s population, but he is also the first Pope from the Americas. Since the start of his tenure, Pope Francis has made headlines by turning away from classic Church dogma and relying more on Christian Scripture to be the foundation of his message.

Elon Musk: Penn alum Elon Musk has been the mastermind behind PayPal, Space-X, and Tesla Motors. Musk has a vision to make space travel and electric motor vehicles available to the masses. He is expanding Tesla’s supercharger stations throughout North America, and he hopes to send astronauts to Mars through his Space-X program within the next 20 years. Oh, and this past year he proposed a new form of transportation he coined the “hyperloop”, which is basically a Barry Bond’s version of a train. His proposal would theoretically transport passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco (a 350 mile trek) in only 30 minutes! Forget POY, how about we name Musk POTUS!

I believe the three candidates listed above have a strong case towards being named Person of the Year. Besides Snowden, Francis, and Musk there are many deserving candidates for Time’s Person of the Year. I just hope for two things: One, that there is no way in hell Miley Cyrus is crowned the winner, and two that we as a society can set our bar a little higher than some twerking mess. #smilerzzzz

Who do you think should be crowned Person of the Year?



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