A Date with Frank Underwood

Photo Courtesy of mashable.com

When a show about D.C. politics is so good the President of the United States tweets “no spoilers” in the moments leading to a season release, you know there’s no hope for the poor souls who actually want to spend their Valentine’s Day evening grabbing dinner with a significant other. The second season of House of Cards is available for download from Netflix today, and as the schemes and machinations of the Frank Underwood conspiracy play across our laptop screens I don’t think I’ll be missing the normal Valentine’s Day routine all that much. Heck, I even got asked to be someone’s Valentine with a Frank Underwood-themed card cutout this morning. Nothing screams “Happy Valentine’s Day, babe!” like a picture of a gore-stained Underwood saying “I love you more than sharks love blood”……

So, on the one day of the year when love is supposedly in the air, political junkies are rejoicing as they conspire to develop into the next big power couples (I’m looking at you, Penn Student Government). Let’s just hope our current friends and future overlords don’t completely fall head over heels for the House of Cards playbook.


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